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[accordion-item title="Benefits of Membership"]

The WaterNow Alliance serves as a resource for municipal water leaders looking to address the mounting water crisis and implement sustainable solutions in their communities. By joining, Water Leaders will have access to:

  • Peer to peer idea exchange
  • Connections to experts, resources & innovative technologies
  • Policy solutions
  • Demonstration financing projects
  • Communications platforms
  • Technical assistance
  • Recognition opportunities for community successes
  • Performance tracking

[accordion-item title="WaterNow Alliance Guiding Principles"]

The WaterNow Alliance is a network of urban water agency leadership that catalyzes and facilitates wide spread adoption of environmentally and economically sustainable water solutions in local communities. Our specific objectives are to support local utility leaders - whether elected or appointed, part of a city, county or special district - in their efforts to identify, finance and implement sustainable water strategies and solutions.

Sustainable water solutions – efficiency, conservation, green infrastructure, reuse, recycling, source water protection, groundwater management -- have enormous untapped potential to address the West’s water challenges and promote community resilience and independence. The WaterNow Alliance believes that by developing a forum for information, data, and best practices, providing tangible solutions, tools and resources for members and partners, identifying opportunities for collaborative action, and serving as a voice for communities supporting water resilience in policy forums, communities across the West can secure their water futures and cultivate an informed and water-conscious constituency.


[accordion-item title="Membership Qualifications"]

Alliance membership is open to any voting board member of a public water utility - whether elected or appointed, part of a city, county or special district. Associate memberships are available for general managers and other water agency staff. No membership fees are required at this time.


[accordion-item title="WaterNow Alliance Member Listing"]

Matt Appelbaum, Councilmember
Boulder, CO

Celia Barotz, Councilmember
Flagstaff, AZ

John Ballew, Chair 
Durango Utilities Commission, CO

Frank Blanco, Director 
Apache Junction Water District

Katie Bolger, Chief of Staff 
Tuscon, AZ

Laura Brown, Mayor Pro-Tem 
Fredrick, CO

Marshall Brown, Director 
Aurora Water, CO

Wally Campbell, Councilmember 
Goodyear, AZ

Barbara Cleland, Councilmember
City of Aurora, CO

Tom DuBois, Councilmember
City of Palo Alto, CA

James DePue, City Manager 
City of Wray, CO

Shawn Dewane, President 
Orange County Water District

Dave Edwards, Mayor Pro-Tem
Town of Palisade, CO

James Fisler, Director
Mesa Water District, CA

Bill Green, Director 
South Coast Water District, CA

Jeffrey Haaga, Councilmember 
City of West Jordan, UT

John Harris, Public Works Director 
City of Montrose, CO

Rick Heumann, Councilmember
City of Chandler, AZ

Kathy Holian, County Commissioner
Santa Fe County, NM

Gerry Horak, Mayor Pro Tem
Fort Collins, CO

Dave Iwanski, Councilmember
Avondale, AZ

Phillip F. Johnson, Director of Public Works
Cortez, CO

Steve Jordan, Board of Directors
Purissima Hills Water District

Stephanie Karlin, Vice Mayor
Avondale, AZ

Michael Kasperzak, Councilmember
Mountain View, CA

Kirsten Keith, Councilmember
Menlo Park, CA

Gary Kremen, Director 
Santa Clara Valley Water District

Liz Kniss, Councilmember
Palo Alto, CA

Martin Koller, Director
Alameda County Water District

Lauren Kuby, Councilmember
Tempe, AZ

Greg Lauer, Councilmember
City of Fountain, CO

John McAlister, Councilmember
Mountain View, CA

Mike Mendenhall, Councilmember
Spanish Fork City, UT

Larry Moody, Vice Mayor
City of East Palo Alto, CA

Kevin Reidy, State Water Conservation Specialist
Colorado Water Conservation Board

Glenn Reynolds, Director 
Coastside County Water District, CA

Dave Richins, Councilmember
Mesa, AZ

Tammy Rudock, General Manager
Mid-Peninsula Water District

Pat Showalter, Mayor
Mountain View, CA

Richard Sykes, Director of Natural Resources
East Bay Municipal Utility District

Ethan Temianka, Director
Mesa Water District, CA

Bart Turner, Councilmember
City of Glendale, AZ

John Weed, Vice President, Board of Directors
Alameda County Water District

Dick White, Councilmember
City of Durango, CO

Matthew Zucca, President
Mid-Peninsula Water District