Johanna BellPolicy Analyst, Environment
Boise, Idaho

Johanna Bell

Johanna M. Bell, PE/CE-Water Resources
Association of Idaho Cities
Johanna has lived in Idaho since the early 1990’s, working with State and municipal entities concerned with natural resource management, regulation development, compliance, and stakeholder outreach. Johanna is a registered Professional Civil Engineer with an emphasis in water resources management. Her degrees include an MS in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Idaho, BS/BA degrees in Environmental Studies from the Evergreen State College in Washington, and a graduate certificate in Mediation & Conflict Management from Boise State University.
As an Environmental Policy Analyst with the Association of Idaho Cities, Johanna focuses on utility services and resource policy issues relating to water quality and supply, as well as energy efficiency and building codes.
Contact Information
Johanna can be reached by phone at (208) 344-8594 or by email at [email protected].