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Apply now for your chance to participate in a Leak Detection Pilot Study and receive a free leak detection device with installation!




of indoor water use is lost to leaks

An abnormally high water bill is often the first indication that you might have a leak. Leak detection technology can help identify leaks faster and save you water and money!

✓ Smart Apps make a Smart Home

Monitor real-time water use, receive leak alerts, and shut off the water to your home all from your phone.

✓ Save Water and Money

Understand where you use water in your home to identify water-saving opportunities and lower your bill.

An independent study found that water customers reduced water use by 5%, on average when provided detailed water consumption data.

Applications are being accepted for a limited time!


WaterNow Alliance is conducting a pilot study to characterize the typical water savings – both from leak detection and water conservation behavior – that households experience following installation of a next-generation leak detection device.  These devices utilize advanced technology to monitor for abnormal or inconsistent flow that might be an indication of a leak.


Leak alerts are sent through smart phone apps where customers can remotely shutoff water to the home, preventing potentially significant water waste and/or property damage. These apps also encourage conservation by providing real time water consumption data to customers – raising water use awareness and allowing customers to make more informed decisions about how they use water.


WaterNow Alliance, together with its partners, is seeking participants for a random control trial study of next generation leak detection devices. Applications will be accepted till the study is filled. Single-family homeowners in the City of Santa Clara area are eligible to apply today!

To be selected, applicants must:

  • Have an active water account with the City of Santa Clara and have no past due bills
  • Live in a single-family house and be an active water customer with their water provider for at least three years.

Selected participants will:

  • Receive one free customer-side leak detection device.

  • Be responsible for scheduling their free installation appointment with the device manufacturer within 45 days of receiving the device.

  • Agree to participate in the Study for 12 months.

  • Complete four short quarterly electronic surveys during the 12-month Study about the device’s performance and user experience including: ease of use, frequency of use, any problems, and related information.




Apply today for your chance to receive a free leak detection device!

Complete the form below and we’ll respond within 5-10 business days to determine your eligibility.

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We are only accepting applications from the City of Santa Clara at this time

Leak Detection Pilot Program


For questions about this study, you can contact us by emailing [email protected].

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