WNA Impact 2017

Congratulations to Councilmember Campbell & Director Elie

wally campellDisposal of brine concentrate generated by water treatment facilities using reverse osmosis technology is a problem West-wide. This highly concentrated waste can have acute environmental impacts requiring dilution with large amounts of water for safe disposal. In Goodyear, the problem was exacerbated by the City’s source water, already high in salinity.

THE SOLUTION: Goodyear developed an innovative wetlands project for treatment and disposal of its salty waste water, a strategy with significant potential for replication across Arizona and beyond. This “One Water” solution was not only the most cost effective alternative, but also provides the community with many additional benefits, from riparian restoration, to enhanced recreation, improved natural habitats, and flood control.

LEADERSHIP: Councilmember Campbell is a leader in innovation, regional solutions, partnerships, and collaboration. It was through her vision and direction that the City addressed its brine dilemma not just as a problem to be resolved, but as an opportunity to explore educational, recreational, and environmental opportunities for the public.


steveA 3-mile long and 1-mile wide toxic plume caused by an industrial solvent, trichloroethylene, has inflicted significant hardship in the heart of the Chino Groundwater Basin for nearly a decade, with growing numbers forced to rely on bottled water. Legacy pollutants are frequently allowed to languish because of the enormous complexities associated with assigning responsibility for the problem and subsequent cleanup.

THE SOLUTION: Inland Empire Utilities Agency leveraged millions in state and federal grants, and commitments from private companies for the cleanup of toxic pollutants contaminating groundwater in the Basin.

LEADERSHIP: Following years of unsuccessful negotiations, President Elie decided to try to find a different way to address the problem. He broke the impasse by bringing the parties together, putting new resources on the table and forging an agreement that puts the cleanup on a fast track. His leadership was the key to ensuring a safe, healthy, reliable, and sustainable water supply for the region going forward.

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