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Project Accelerator is WaterNow’s vehicle to jumpstart sustainable water projects.


We provide high-value capacity and expertise to public water, wastewater, and stormwater agencies, to make meaningful progress toward more affordable, community-oriented solutions. This generates immediate wins for participating projects, and builds a library of replicable, scalable solutions for more widespread adoption.

Conservation, efficiency, water reuse, and green stormwater infrastructure programs are smart and cost-effective. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, efforts to ensure equity and affordability in water management are more vital than ever. We are here to help you move past roadblocks on the path to implementation.

Twice a year, WaterNow Alliance staff select several projects to receive professional hands-on support, and technical and program assistance. Our expertise ranges from deep water policy guidance to support and advice on communications strategies. Selected Project Accelerators receive up to 250 hours of professional support in 6 months (valued at $25,000 each).

WaterNow provides:

Water Policy & Sustainability Expertise

  • Water Policy Research & Analysis
  • Advocacy Strategy
  • Access to a Broad Network of Water Sector Experts, including Innovative Financing

Broad Program Management Capabilities

  • Best Practices Research
  • Program Design Consultation
  • Program Success Metrics
  • Training and Education
  • Outreach & Communication Strategy

As we begin our fourth year of Project Accelerator, WaterNow is excited to announce our inaugural Regional Project Accelerator, starting this fall in Colorado. Many water challenges are regional in nature, and through this approach we hope to not only support individual communities, but to also build localized cohorts by focusing on regions that share similar water resource challenges. We will use this opportunity to build regional synergies, deepen connections across communities, foster knowledge-sharing and collaboration, and open the door to innovative, regional solutions. Applications for this Project Accelerator application cycle closed on December 20, and WaterNow will be announcing the selected projects in January 2022.

If you have any questions about the Project Accelerator program or application process, please contact Amy Weinfurter ([email protected]).

Explore Project Accelerator projects below. You can also learn more about how communities are implementing sustainable, affordable, and climate-resilient water solutions in our interactive StoryMap.

Featured Projects


Fall '22 Project Accelerator: Ruedi Water and Power Authority (RWAPA), CO

Unified Permanent Watering Restrictions for the Roaring Fork Watershed

Fall '22 Project: Steamboat Springs, CO

Steamboat Springs Water Resiliency and Infrastructure Funding Strategy

Summer ‘21 Project: Henderson, NV

Non-Residential Water Utility Scorecard

Summer ‘21 Project: Walnut Valley Water District

Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) & Mandarin Language Water Use Efficiency Program Enhancements

Summer ‘21 Project: Moab, UT

Water Conservation Ordinance Development – Graywater, Landscaping, and New Development Standards

Fall ‘20 Project Accelerator: Evans, CO

Direct Install Program for Income-Qualified Residents and Indoor Water Efficiency Audits

Fall ‘20 Project Accelerator: Santa Rosa, CA

Spanish Language Water Use Efficiency Program Enhancements

Summer ‘20 Project Accelerator: Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District, UT

Exploring Options to Improve Water Efficiency Standards

Summer ‘20 Project Accelerator: Summit County & High Country Conservation Center, CO

Development of a Regional Outdoor Water Efficiency Program

Summer ‘20 Project Accelerator: Cleveland, OH

Support for Cleveland’s Water Champions Program

Summer ‘20 Project Accelerator: City of Greeley, CO

Enhancing Water Efficiency Portfolio through Performance Analysis

Spring ‘20 Project Accelerator: Desert Water Agency, CA

WaterSMART Grant Application Assistance

Spring ‘20 Project Accelerator: Town of Severance

Incorporating Water Efficiency into the Comprehensive Plan

Spring ‘20 Project Accelerator: Centennial, CO

Incorporating Sustainable Water Practices into Centennial’s Municipal Code

Summer ‘19 Project Accelerator: Golden, CO

Graywater Ordinance and Program Development

Summer ’19 Project Accelerator: City Of New Orleans, LA

Assessing Green Street for New Orleans

Summer ’19 Project Accelerator: Madison Water Utility, WI

Increasing the Effectiveness of Madison’s Water Conservation and Sustainability Plan with Strategic Polling and Analysis

Summer '18 Project Accelerator: Moulton Niguel Water District

Nursery Stock Incentive and Education Program

Summer '18 Project Accelerator: Thornton, CO

Incentivizing Water Efficient Home Construction

'17 Project Accelerator: Ontario & San Clemente, CA

HOA Water Efficient Landscape Outreach and Education Program Development

'17 Project Accelerator: Cheyenne, WY

Income-Qualified Direct Install Program Development and Support