Is your utility or city trying to get a water initiative off the ground but doesn’t have enough time? Does your municipality want to launch a water efficiency program but needs more information or capacity? Perhaps your community would benefit from rebate incentives but you need more research or best management practices to implement?

You’re not alone. Many cities and utilities want to adopt innovative water programs but they require time and resources to implement. And let’s face it, the everyday workload of most utility staff probably doesn’t include bandwidth to accomplish new tasks.

We have the answer – and it’s FREE!

The WaterNow Project Accelerator can help advance a program or project that could provide real water-saving benefits for your community. Fill out an application and we will select two projects to receive professional hands-on support and technical and program assistance ranging from deep water policy expertise to communications strategies. Project Accelerator offerings include up to 250 hours of professional support in 3-6 months (valued at $25,000 each).

The Deadline to Apply is April 24th, 2019.


Looking to engage with your community to get their input on an upcoming project? We’re excited to announce that projects selected for this round of Project Accelerator can benefit from the public engagement and polling technology from POLCO for free!

POLCO is a local polling platform helping public agencies increase civic engagement and inform municipal governments of constituents’ input. POLCO aggregates the data and provides powerful data visualization tools so that local decision-makers can better understand the needs of their community.

How can POLCO help you engage with customers?

  • Learn what conservation programs your community is most interested in.
  • Considering a reuse project? Get customer input to better inform outreach and decision making.
  • Explore your community’s priorities related to water resource planning and conservation.

Here are just some of the ways we can help:

Water Policy & Sustainability Expertise

  • Water Policy Research & Analysis
  • Water Resource Specialist
  • Advocacy Strategy
  • Access to a Broad Network of Water Sector Experts, including Innovative Financing

Broad Program Management Capabilities

  • Best Practices Research
  • Program Design Consultation
  • Program Success Metrics
  • Training and Education
  • Outreach & Communication Strategy

Applications are Due April 24th

Previous Projects Include:

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Development of a direct install program for income-qualified residents with the Cheyenne, WY, Board of Public Utilities. This program is intended to help Cheyenne's most vulnerable population save water and money.

WaterNow Support Includes:

  • Program Guidelines and Outreach Strategy
  • Metrics and Tool to Track Program Successes
  • Education Materials with Water Saving Tips for All Customers

The experience has been amazing! Without WaterNow, it would have taken me another year to launch this program.”

Dena Egenhoff

Water Conservation and Public Relations Specialist, City of Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities

Cities of Ontario and San Clemente, CA

Development of an HOA water-efficient landscape program with the Cities of San Clemente and Ontario, CA. This program helps people understand the correct water usage that they should be using.

WaterNow Support Includes:

  • Outreach and education materials to engage stakeholders
  • Custom water budgets for HOAs incorporating site specific conditions
  • Metrics and tools to track program success

“Project Accelerator is like having access to a specialized consultant who can assist with detailed technical analysis and planning, but who also knows how to engage with and incorporate great ideas from other water agencies across the country.”

Niki Beach

Water Conservation Analyst, City of San Clemente Utilities Department

So are you ready to finally get that water project off the ground? We have the team and resources to help you get there. Click on the button below to apply TODAY!