Charlottesville, VA

Toilet Rebate Program Review and Revamp Our Approach Project Outcomes

Project Goal

WaterNow is partnering with the City of Charlottesville to review and revamp a 20-year-old toilet rebate program, aiming to revitalize the long-standing program and add to the estimated 787 million gallons of water which it has saved over its lifetime. In doing so, WaterNow and the City will identify and remove barriers to low-income and disadvantaged community members’ participation, reduce energy use by lowering water and wastewater demand, and to save Charlottesville residents money on their water bills.

Our Approach

Through one of its oldest water conservation initiatives, the City of Charlottesville offers a rebate of $100 for the replacement of high-water-use toilets in older homes. In recent years, enrollment in the program has slackened. WaterNow and the City will begin with a thorough exploration of existing data on participation in the program, aiming to develop an understanding of which groups within the community have yet to be reached. This research will be combined with insights from exemplary rebate programs, and from local community stakeholders, to inform the development of an outreach plan, in combination with suggested expansions and additions to the program. In particular, this project will explore potential changes to eligibility and the creation of a direct installation program.


Stay tuned! This project is currently underway.