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Does your water agency have a project that could use a shot of adrenaline? 

The WaterNow Project Accelerator helps advance programs and/or projects that provide real water-saving benefits for your community. Check back in the spring updates on our next competitive round of the Accelerator.


Featured Projects


Commerce City and South Adams County Water & Sanitation District, CO

Aligning Water Management and Non-Functional Turf Replacement: A Collaborative Framework

Fountain, CO

CII Turf Conversion Incentive Program Development

Colorado Springs Utilities, CO

Landscape Industry Education Plan for Water Conservation

Erie, CO

Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance Development

Sharpsburg, PA

Supporting the Development of a Comprehensive Stormwater Management Plan

Longmont, CO

Impact Analysis and Goal Development of a Non-Essential Turf Conversion Program

Thornton, CO

Commercial Water Use Benchmark Development

Eagle River Coalition & Eagle County Conservation District, CO

Beyond Lawn Water Efficient Landscape Conversion Program

Broomfield, CO

Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance Development and Community Outreach

Watersheds of South Pittsburgh, PA

Cooperative Implementation of the Integrated Watershed Management Plan for Saw Mill Run

Wake County, NC

Equitable Outreach Strategy for Well & Septic Financial Assistance Pilot Program

Charlottesville, VA

Toilet Rebate Program Review and Revamp

Wellington, CO

Wellington Water Efficiency Communications

Research Initiative: Community Gardens and Water Management

The Potential for Urban Agriculture and Community Gardening as a Water Resource Management Tool in the Intermountain West

Ruedi Water and Power Authority (RWAPA), CO

Unified Baseline Watering Standards for the Roaring Fork Watershed

Steamboat Springs, CO

Steamboat Springs Water Resiliency and Infrastructure Funding Strategy

Henderson, NV

Non-Residential Water Utility Scorecard

Walnut Valley Water District

Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) & Mandarin Language Water Use Efficiency Program Enhancements

Moab, UT

Water Wise Landscaping Code for New Development

Evans, CO

Direct Install Program for Income-Qualified Residents and Indoor Water Efficiency Audits

Santa Rosa, CA

Spanish Language Water Use Efficiency Program Enhancements

Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District, UT

Exploring Options to Improve Water Efficiency Standards

Summit County & High Country Conservation Center, CO

Development of a Regional Outdoor Water Efficiency Program

Cleveland, OH

Support for Cleveland’s Water Champions Program

City of Greeley, CO

Enhancing Water Efficiency Portfolio through Performance Analysis

Desert Water Agency, CA

WaterSMART Grant Application Assistance

Town of Severance, CO

Incorporating Water Efficiency into the Comprehensive Plan

Centennial, CO

Incorporating Sustainable Water Practices into Centennial’s Municipal Code

Golden, CO

Graywater Ordinance and Program Development

City Of New Orleans, LA

Assessing Green Street for New Orleans

Madison Water Utility, WI

Increasing the Effectiveness of Madison’s Water Conservation and Sustainability Plan with Strategic Polling and Analysis

Moulton Niguel Water District

Nursery Stock Incentive and Education Program

Thornton, CO

Incentivizing Water Efficient Home Construction

Ontario & San Clemente, CA

HOA Water Efficient Landscape Outreach and Education Program Development

Cheyenne, WY

Income-Qualified Direct Install Program Development and Support

WaterNow Alliance partners with a select number of public water providers on innovative local water initiatives. Our featured projects are designed to help communities expand their portfolios of sustainable water solutions, more affordably achieving climate resilience and drought preparedness.


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