Summer ‘21 Project: Moab, UT

Water Conservation Ordinance Development – Graywater, Landscaping, and New Development Standards Our Approach Project Outcomes

Project Goal

WaterNow Alliance and Western Resource Advocates (WRA) are partnering with the City of Moab, Utah, to develop water conservation policies to increase water supply resilience in the face of threats like a growing population and less predictable precipitation due to climate change.

Our Approach

The community of Moab wishes to avoid overdrafting water resources in the future, but does not currently have any water ordinances in place. WaterNow Alliance and WRA will help Moab establish landscaping and irrigation efficiency standards in a water ordinance for new development. The project team will also explore opportunities to advance graywater reuse for landscape irrigation. The project is designed to bring additional capacity and expertise to Moab, to help local decision makers achieve their sustainable water goals for the community.