WaterNow Consulting Services

Sustainable Water Management Solutions Tailored for Communities

WaterNow’s mission is to facilitate adoption of environmentally sustainable, climate resilient, affordable and equitable water strategies at the local level. To supplement our Project Accelerator, Tap into Resilience, and other initiatives that support local decision makers, we are pleased to provide competitively priced, fee for service opportunities for communities seeking some additional support and capacity in implementing their sustainable water priorities.

The WaterNow team has extensive experience working directly with cities, towns and utilities to provide custom strategy and solution support to meet their unique drinking water, stormwater, and wastewater needs. We are equipped to handle a wide range of projects and challenges, and our team of water sustainability experts brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to every project we undertake, and we are committed to delivering the highest quality results. Whether you could use support navigating funding and financing options, facilitating a focus group, or analyzing trends in program participation, we are here to help develop a customized solution to advance your community’s climate resilience and sustainable water management goals. As a non-profit organization, we are well positioned to provide these services at a reasonable cost for our community partners.

In particular, WaterNow has worked since our inception with the Environmental Protection Agency to train landscapers under its Qualified Water Efficient Landscape (QWEL) program. We undertook this work because we saw that it’s not enough to advocate for efficient outdoor water use – reaching local sustainability goals means ensuring that the local workforce is available and qualified to do the work required. As a Professional Certifying Organization, WaterNow has worked with numerous communities in California and Colorado to provide the QWEL training for dozens of landscapers on a fee for service basis.

WaterNow Service Offerings:

Navigating state and federal funding opportunities

Technical Assistance in reviewing program eligibility, application procedures and strategies, content research and review, and other application support. Primarily for underserved and disadvantaged communities. 

Program design and implementation

Best practices research, program design consultation, program success metrics, training and education, and other support.

Data analysis

Spatial analyses, water savings calculations, and more. Past projects have analyzed trends in green infrastructure incentive programs for large water users, or identified trends and drivers in participation in rebate or incentive programs.

Water policy and legal analysis

Policy research to support local decision making, preparation of key planning documents, outward-facing reports or materials, draft ordinances, and other analyses.

Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper (QWEL) Training

QWEL is an EPA professional certification program in water efficient and sustainable landscape practices. WaterNow is a certified QWEL training provider. We work with communities that want to offer these courses to local landscape professionals by providing overall program management as well as outreach support, content customization, and more.

Infrastructure Financing Technical assistance

Tailored research and analysis on financing mechanisms to pay for innovative onsite and decentralized water infrastructure. Facilitation of stakeholder meetings to build consensus on localized infrastructure financing options. Support in the development of bond packets, capital improvement plans, city council resolutions, ordinances, or other materials to advance full scale localized infrastructure financing.

Community and stakeholder outreach

Stakeholder engagement, outreach and communications strategy and materials, communication with elected/appointed decision makers, presentation preparation, workshop and focus group creation and moderation, and other support.

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