Ontario & San Clemente, CA

HOA Water Efficient Landscape Outreach and Education Program Development Our Approach Project Outcomes

Project Goal

WaterNow Alliance assisted the City of Ontario and the City of San Clemente with the development of an HOA focused Water Efficient Landscape Outreach and Education Program, creating an approach that can be rebranded and replicated by other cities.

Our Approach

Both the City of Ontario and the City of San Clemente in Southern California submitted applications seeking outside assistance to develop an outreach and education program aimed at helping HOAs use water more efficiently. WaterNow organized a stakeholder meeting with each city and representatives of HOAs in their service area. The meeting allowed the cities to explain their objectives for the program and gave HOA Board Members and Managers the opportunity to ask questions and express concerns. The information gathered during these meetings was used to develop education packets that will help HOAs make well informed decisions about how their landscapes are maintained and better understand how much water should be applied to their existing landscapes.


WaterNow developed a workbook to assist Ontario and San Clemente with tracking program success, calculating water savings and documenting actions taken by the HOAs to conserve water. This workbook and educational materials developed provide a basis for other cities to rebrand and replicate a similar program in their service area.