Summer ‘20 Project Accelerator: City of Greeley, CO

Enhancing Water Efficiency Portfolio through Performance Analysis Our Approach Project Outcomes

Project Goal

WaterNowAlliance and Western Resource Advocates (WRA) are partnering with the City of Greeley to enhance the City’s water efficiency program portfolio through performance analysis.

Our Approach

The City of Greeley’s extensive water conservation programs have been successful at reducing the City’s potable water demand and keeping water rates affordable. These programs include free irrigation audits, direct installation of smart irrigation controllers, a water-budget based rate structure, and a cash-for-grass pilot program,among others. Greeley is now focusing on optimizing these programs through cost-benefit analysis and review of other important metrics such as socioeconomic status of participants, age and geographic distribution, and the value of each program to the City’s residents. This analysis will drive the City’s next Water Efficiency Plan.