Summer ‘19 Project Accelerator: Golden, CO

Graywater Ordinance and Program Development Our Approach Project Outcomes

Project Goal

WaterNow supported The City of Golden in developing a graywater ordinance and demonstration program. The goal of this project was to encourage the implementation of laundry-to-landscape (L2L) graywater systems in residential homes to reduce peak potable water demands, as well as energy demands related to water and wastewater treatment.

Our Approach

The City of Golden aimed to improve their existing customers’ water efficiency in order to build resilience in the face of drought and future water supply shortages. Through Project Accelerator, the goal was to expand on their existing programs by developing alternative sources of supply such as graywater. They decided to pursue development of an L2L graywater ordinance, which would allow participating single-family residences to water non-edible outdoor plants with water from their laundry machines and laundry room sinks, meaning the potable water they would have used for irrigation can be saved.

A secondary purpose of their project was to develop resources for other communities interested in implementing a similar ordinance and program. WaterNow’s partners, Western Resource Advocates (WRA) provided support for this project through separate funding sources. The project included five phases: 1) researching existing graywater programs and Colorado specific regulations; 2) drafting ordinance language; 3) engaging with local stakeholders; 4) finalizing graywater ordinance language and presenting to the Council; 5) developing graywater program outreach and education plan; and 6) supporting demonstration projects.