Spring ‘20 Project Accelerator: Town of Severance

Incorporating Water Efficiency into the Comprehensive Plan Our Approach Project Outcomes

Project Goal

WaterNowAlliance and Western Resource Advocates partnered with the Town of Severance to incorporate sound water conservation tactics in the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.

Our Approach

The Town of Severance has experienced rapid growth over the last decade and began updating its Comprehensive Plan at the end of 2019. The recent local growth combined with an ever-increasing spotlight on water in the Colorado Front Range led to the Town wanting to take a more thorough look at water efficiency. There was an opportunity for the Town to better understand and implement water efficiency starting with the Comprehensive Plan and the codes and policies that follow. WaterNow worked with Town staff and Board members to provide additional capacity and expertise to guide the development of water elements into the Comprehensive Plan. We researched and compiled existing resources on integrating water into comprehensive planning, identified and conducted informational interviews with communities that have adopted exemplary comprehensive plans with water conservation elements, convened stakeholder meetings, and drafted water efficiency recommendations to include in the Plan. Developing water wise land use planning measures is one of the most crucial steps that fast-growing communities can take to ensure their water supply resilience.