Spring ‘20 Project Accelerator: Centennial, CO

Incorporating Sustainable Water Practices into Centennial’s Municipal Code Our Approach Project Outcomes

Project Goal

WaterNow worked with the City of Centennial to recommend updates to the City’s Land Development Code, with a goal of increasing community resilience related to water supply and stormwater management.

Our Approach

The City of Centennial has experienced the adverse impacts of both drought and flooding, and is invested in improving the way its Land Development Code can support community resiliency. This commitment was solidified by the City’s 2018 adoption of their new Comprehensive Plan, Centennial NEXT, which identifies various sustainable stormwater and water efficiency goals and strategies. The City is interested in moving forward expeditiously with water-related updates to its Land Development Code in 2020 in order to influence Centennial’s new Jones District development, a 40-acre undeveloped tract. Code updates also have the potential to impact the rest of the 110,000-person City.