Henderson, NV

Non-Residential Water Utility Scorecard Our Approach Project Outcomes

Project Goal

WaterNow Alliance will provide support for the City of Henderson in developing a Non-Residential Water Utility Scorecard. The goal is to create an all-inclusive rating policy to attract businesses that will boost the city’s economy as well as align with Henderson’s work towards water sustainability.

Our Approach

WaterNow Alliance will work with Henderson to develop a comprehensive Non-Residential Water Utility Scorecard. The scorecard will consider factors such as the sustainability of the business, the number of people it will employ, the average wage, and the capital investment into the community, alongside the anticipated consumptive use of water. The project will include research to inform what information the scorecard includes, how it is structured, and how it is integrated into existing business application processes and use stakeholder feedback to further develop and refine the scorecard. It will also explore approaches to offering companies the option to offset high consumptive water use through other water-saving programs or activities.


Stay tuned! This project is currently underway.