Fountain, CO

CII Turf Conversion Incentive Program Development Our Approach Project Outcomes

Project Goal

WaterNow is partnering with the City of Fountain to support their efforts to develop a CII Turf Conversion Incentive Program (CII TCIP). This pilot-ready program will encourage the conversion of high-water turf into low water landscaping on CII properties city-wide. The program will not only address the pressing need for water conservation in Fountain but will also foster inclusivity by tailoring support to low-income and hard-to-reach commercial customers (i.e., multi-family properties and mobile home park residents).

Our Approach

In the Front Range City of Fountain, CO, approximately 40% of water is used outdoors. There is growing interest among commercial, industrial, and institutional (CII) customers for a CII turf conversion incentive program (TCIP) that saves money and water. WaterNow and Fountain will partner to create a pilot-ready program encouraging the conversion of high-water turf into low water landscaping on CII properties. WaterNow will analyze Fountain’s current water conservation plans, policies, and programs, and will explore existing CII turf conversion programs in Colorado and the Western US as appropriate region to identify best practices, success stories, lessons learned and data as available. Based on this foundation, WaterNow will work with Fountain to design a CII Turf Incentive Program appropriate for the City. This effort will be designed to obtain and incorporate stakeholder feedback. WaterNow and the City will also develop an outreach strategy and marketing materials designed to maximize program participation and success. Finally, WaterNow will provide recommendations to track program success and external funding avenues to sustain the CII TCIP program into the future.


Stay tuned! This project is currently underway.