We are psyched to be returning to the National League of Cities’ Annual Summit which is being held in Charlotte NC this week. NLC has been a part of the WaterNow Alliance since the beginning and is a national leader in promoting resilient cities. We are delighted to be NLC’s go to partner to accelerate sustainable water solutions.


This year’s City Summit is shaping up to be a great experience with thousands of locally elected officials, as well as staff, coming together to learn from experts and one another. We believe that local officials – who decide the fate of 85% of spending on water infrastructure nationwide – are the key to our water future. So we are very pleased that sustainability and resilience issues are taking center stage at the City Summit.

WaterNow will be participating in several forums you can find us at:

• Spotlight Theatre – Accelerating Sustainable Water Solutions Through WaterNow Alliance – Spotlight Theater, Thursday 11:30
• Simplifying Water Management Session – Friday 1:30
• Environment, Energy and Natural Resources Committee – Wednesday 9:00
• Western Municipal Association Meeting – Friday 2:00

We’re also a partner for the Sustainable Cities Institute ReceptionThursday at 5:30pm at Sea Level Restaurant 129 East 5th St, so you can catch up with us there as well (over a glass of wine!)


This will be our third year attending the summit, and each time it’s just keeps getting better. We can’t wait to see you in Charlotte, and look forward to a great Summit!

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