Since launching Project Accelerator in the fall of 2017, I have had the opportunity to work with four different cities and water utilities across the US on projects from incentivizing water efficient home construction to building out a water-efficient landscape program for HOAs. Committed to advancing sustainable water initiatives within their community, but lacking either the time, capacity, or information, these municipalities applied to Project Accelerator and partnered with us to implement these community-based programs. Over the course of 3-6 months per project, WaterNow has been able to provide water policy and sustainability expertise, best practices research, program design consultation, communications and community engagement support and other technical assistance, and this year we’re doing it again!

 I’m excited to announce that WaterNow is opening up applications for another round of Project Accelerator for Spring 2019. If your community has a sustainable water project that is struggling to get started, or has hit a roadblock where some outside expertise can make a difference, be sure to apply today. Two projects will be selected, and submission takes as little as 5 minutes. Simply answer a few quick questions including a paragraph about your project.

While any project that relates to advancing innovative water programs in your community is eligible, project ideas include:

  • Your water agency would like to pursue a cash-for-grass lawn replacement rebate program, or other water efficiency program, but your agency lacks capacity to research best practices and design a program.
  • You need help crafting a new ordinance to encourage graywater system adoption or incorporating green infrastructure in new developments.
  • You’d like to do a comparative analysis comparing the cost per acre-footof water saved through a new rebate program versus acquiring new supplies from a neighboring supplier.

Selected projects will receive up to 3-6 months of professional support from WaterNow staff - with capabilities ranging from deep water policy expertise to communications strategy:

Water Policy & Sustainability Expertise

·       Water Policy Research & Analysis

·       Water Resource Specialist

·       Advocacy Strategy

·       Access to a Broad Network of Water Sector Experts, including Innovative Financing

Broad Program Management Capabilities

·       Best Practices Research

·       Program Design Consultation

·       Program Success Metrics

·       Training and Education

·       Outreach & Communication Strategy

Two projects will be selected in the beginning of May with projects commencing in mid-2019. Learn more about past winners here, and don’t miss your chance to apply today!

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