Communities nationwide are facing a dizzying array of water challenges from drought, to failing infrastructure, to flooding, to water quality decline. Local water leaders – responsible for the vast majority of water infrastructure spending – are on the front lines tackling these issues as they look to sustainably manage drinking water, wastewater and stormwater resources now and into the future.

As conventional water infrastructure becomes increasingly costly, communities are looking to newer, more innovative solutions like onsite, decentralized strategies to add to their water management portfolios. What do we mean by localized infrastructure?  Everything from efficiency to green infrastructure to reuse and more; strategies and technology distributed across communities that in the aggregate perform the same functions as conventional water infrastructure.

Empowering Change with Tools to Take Action

Change is taking the status quo by storm. That’s why we are excited to launch Tap into Resilience — an initiative to empower water leaders with the tools, resources and expertise to take action! Whether you’re searching for the best solution to address a specific challenge, seeking practical legal and financial advice for a project, or simply looking to learn more about decentralized options and opportunities, Tap into Resilience is here to help.

And the ultimate goal? To activate sustainable solutions at scale. To expand affordable, localized and onsite water solutions in communities nationwide and build long-term water resilience.

Tap Into Our New Website and Start Innovating

We invite you to check out the essentials of localized solutions, dive deep into technical implementation programs, read case studies of success stories from across the country, and engage with resources that can help you build resilience in your community.

Let’s work together to stop crisis-driven management and start innovating climate-resilient solutions. Tap into the revolution. Together, let’s build a resilient water future for all.

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