Water utilities have dealt with a plethora of problems related to water provision through traditional infrastructure- e.g., aging systems, growing affordability, equity, and water quality concerns. As a result, localized water infrastructure offers an innovative path for water management.

Recently, WaterNow Alliance released the Tap into Resilience Toolkit, an interactive resource designed to help elected water leaders and utility management professionals realize cost-effective, localized water innovations within their communities.

As part of the ongoing Tap into Resilience (TiR) initiative, the toolkit is a portal to everything professionals need about decentralized water infrastructure in one place.

To help professionals use the toolkit to start the implementation of water solutions in their community, WNA will host a series of webcasts to walk you through everything the Toolkit has to offer. In addition to learning how to access these resources on our website, participants will also hear from Tap into Resilience Expert Panelists on how the toolkit can connect water managers with certain pro bono legal, tax, and accounting professionals.


Speakers will provide real-world utility perspective on how the TiR Toolkit helps local decision-makers increase investments in water efficiency strategies by presenting their experience with using the Toolkit for their community.The first webcast, available to sign up here, will be on July 23 at 10 am.

With the toolkit, WaterNow Alliance hopes that water leaders can grow their strategies, solutions, and projects that make the most sense for their communities to build a sustainable and resilient water future.


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