We are in the age of the Smart Water Revolution, which was kickstarted by a single product built in a garage and brought to market by a dynamic father-son duo.

Gabe and Henry Halimi’s passion to help others prevent loss, one drip at a time, began a little over 10 years ago when the two returned from a family vacation to find their entire home had flooded while they were away.

We had a catastrophic claim in our own home and it really made an impression on me. Returning home first from a family vacation, I opened the door and it took my eyes 10 seconds to adjust. It was literally raining in the middle of the living room! My dad decided that day that he was going to solve this problem, once and for all.

-Gabe Halimi (CEO & Co-Founder of Flo Technologies)

After experiencing such an event, they set out to help others avoid a similar fate. Spending countless nights tinkering away in his garage, Henry was able to build the first-of-its-kind water monitoring and leak detection system, changing plumbing forever.

Plumbing hasn’t changed for generations. Cars have become intelligent, even our toasters are smarter. Yet, one of the most vital parts of our home, the water system, is as dumb as it was two hundred years ago! I set out with my son to solve that.

-Henry Halimi (Chief Inventor & Co-Founder of Flo Technologies)

When Henry approached Gabe with the proprietary technology that would become the industry-leading Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff, Gabe leapt at the opportunity to help others avoid the financial and emotional hardship his family had suffered.The Smart Water Shutoff has, in a LexisNexis study, been proven to save homeowners thousands of dollars annually, by reducing not only the number but also severity of water damage claims. LexisNexis Risk Solutions is a leading provider of essential data to help the insurance industry predict and manage risk.

On average, 14% of water in your home is lost due to leaks, with household leaks collectively wasting more than 1 trillion gallons annually nationwide.

The Story of Flo began with one family suffering severe water damage, who turned a personal problem into a collective solution. Today, the company and product is backed by Moen, the #1 consumer faucet brand in America and leader in home water experiences, who took a majority stake in our company last year. We are humbled by the success of Flo by Moen and look forward to continuing the mission to prevent loss, one drip at a time. Never miss a drip (again), with Flo by Moen.

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