Water Leaders. Resilient Solutions.

WaterNow Alliance is a network of water utility leaders interested in jumpstarting sustainable water solutions in their communities. We focus on innovative strategies to accelerate adoption of reuse and efficiency technologies, green infrastructure, watershed health, stormwater recapture and groundwater management.

Our Mission

To achieve high impact, widespread adoption of sustainable water solutions in communities compatible with a healthy environment for the future.

Our Focus

Conflicts over water, and how and where to use it, are growing nationwide. The West is facing more frequent and severe drought, increased fire risk, less rain and snowpack, and more pressure on the natural systems that generate water supply. Transformation in our water use is inevitable, but we can achieve water security, affordability, and ecological integrity, by investing in and growing sustainable approaches, rather than falling into crisis-driven decision making.

WaterNow Alliance brings together water leaders from across the West with an interest in sustainability and resilience to provide a forum for exchange, access to resources, and a clear path to action. We work with businesses, community leaders, and water and finance experts to advance innovation, break down barriers, and catalyze change. View our Statement of Principles



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