Expanding Frontline Communities’ Access to Federal Funding

July 20, 202210:00 am PST
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WaterNow Alliance, in partnership with River Network, will host a 1-hour virtual seminar for utility and community leaders nationwide facing the first, and worst, water challenges—from flooding, to drought to basement backups to water contamination and more—on how they can access State Revolving Fund grants and loans to help overcome these challenges with 21st Century infrastructure solutions. Frontline communities often do not have the financial capacity to borrow as needed to invest in either conventional or innovative water infrastructure. Poor credit ratings may make the cost of borrowing prohibitive, or financial challenges may prevent the community from being attractive to investors. There are a significant number of federal and state grant and loan programs available to cities, towns, utilities and water resource agencies to invest in sustainable, resilient water infrastructure.

The seminar has 4 objectives—

  1. Highlight how the State Revolving Funds and some of other the more promising federal programs are available to fund equitable, sustainable water infrastructure in communities facing the first and worst impacts of historic underinvestment and climate change.
  2. Equip participants with the knowledge of how identify pathways for equitable, sustainable infrastructure investments in their state’s SRF program and in other federal programs.
  3. Feature example innovative water infrastructure projects that are potentially eligible for federal funding that provide multiple benefits and supplement conventional systems.
  4. Answer questions about leveraging SRFs for innovative water strategies offering insight and guidance on how these strategies can confront communities’ pressing challenges when implemented at scale.

Our speakers are:

  • Sheyda Esnaashari, Drinking Water Program Director, River Network
  • Yasmin Zaerpoor, Director of Water Equity and Climate Resilience, PolicyLink
  • Shannon Spurlock, Senior Researcher – Public Policy & Practice Uptake, Pacific Institute
  • Caroline Koch, Water Policy Director, WaterNow Alliance

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