Tapping into the TiR Toolkit: Training Webcast

September 24, 201910:00 am - 11:00 am PST
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WaterNow’s ongoing Tap into Resilience training series continues! This webcast dives into resources related to green stormwater management.

WaterNow Alliance’s ongoing Tap into Resilience webcast series continues for water leaders and utility managers! Tune in on September 24 at 10am PST to delve into green stormwater infrastructure resources. This one-hour training will re-cap Tap into Resilience and cover how to access the in-depth resources specific to green infrastructure included in the Toolkit. These resources—all publicly available online—include information on new ways to finance investments in these sustainable stormwater management strategies, explanatory videos on setting up stormwater credit-trading programs to motive private property owners, and example stormwater ordinances that prioritize green infrastructure installations.

Participants will also hear from guest speakers and their experience with using resources found in the Toolkit to implement and manage projects related to green stormwater infrastructure. Check back soon for updates on guest speakers!


Caroline Koch, WaterNow Alliance

Timothy Grant, WaterNow Alliance

Guest Speakers to be announced

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