Webinar: Communicating with Ratepayers

Getting Past "Paying More for Less"
January 30, 201810:30 am - 12:00 pm PST
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Across the West, public utilities are facing the necessity of raising and restructuring rates to address operating and capital needs while maintaining the financial health and viability of the utility. Successful efficiency programs, while providing critical benefits and often leading to lower rates over the long term, can exacerbate near-term rate issues as utilities look to raise and/or restructure rates to make up for commensurate revenue shortfall. Even when a strong case can be made for efficiency investments, utilities can often face public anger and conflict over the perception that ratepayers are being asked to pay more for less. Please join us for a half day workshop to explore the questions:

  • What tools can utilities utilize to communicate more effectively and successfully with their ratepayers as they move to restructure rates to adequately cover fixed costs in light of efficiency program success?
  • How can utilities be convincing about the financial and other community benefits of conservation pricing to consumers and turn public anger into broad support for the utility’s long-term strategic vision?
  • What are the respective roles of decision makers and utility management in developing communication strategies?

Who should attend? 

Elected & appointed water decision-makers (board members & city councilmembers) and accompanying senior  staff members (Rates Managers, Communications Managers, etc.)

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