Brittany RenoMayor
Borough of Sharpsburg, PA

Brittany Reno

Mayor Brittany Reno, EcoDistricts AP, is the founder/executive director of Sharpsburg Neighborhood Organization, mayor of Sharpsburg Borough, and a Sharpsburg representative to the Triboro Ecodistrict initiative. Her work includes launching and growing a grassroots, resident-driven community development organization and building strategic partnerships over six years to build greater capacity and local expertise in the EcoDistricts-inspired issues of equity, food, water, air, energy, and mobility.

Her recent multi-municipal cooperative work also includes serving on the boards of CONNECT (the Congress on Neighboring Communities); Venture Outdoors; and the Tri-COG Land Bank; and offering consulting support to a variety of multi-community and cross-sector collaborative efforts in the Pittsburgh region.

Prior to her work in Sharpsburg, Brittany served two terms in the AmeriCorps Public Allies program and worked in youth workforce development and human services, primarily serving Allegheny County youth aging out of the foster care system, and nonprofit fundraising and development after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Media & Professional Communications concentrating in Corporate/Community Relations.

She earned her Master of Sustainability in Urban & Energy Systems at Chatham University in 2022, focusing much of her research there on the sustainable, equitable redevelopment of riverfront brownfield sites and their adjacent communities and natural ecosystems.