Skylar ReedEnvironmental Engineer
City of Newark, NJ

Skylar Reed

Skylar Reed is an Environmental Engineer for the City of Newark, NJ – Department of Water & Sewer. There, she occupies multiple roles, including treatment engineer for the Pequannock Water Treatment Plant and regulatory compliance officer. Additionally, she manages and engineers several capital improvement projects throughout the system, including Harmful Algal Bloom Mitigation & Control, Watershed Management & Water Quality Monitoring Expansion, Dissolved Air Floatation, Non-revenue Water Reduction and the Joint Distribution System Storage Feasibility Study for the UV Treatment of Newark's open, finished water reservoir.
Outside of her career with the City of Newark, she is a graduate student and graduate researcher at Villanova University, studying Water Resources and Environmental Engineering with aspirations of obtaining a Professional Engineering license. I am also taking advanced water treatment and distribution courses, in pursuit of T4 and W4 licensure.