Thomas WhitmerDirector of Utilites
City of Cottonwood, AZ

Thomas Whitmer

I have been directly involved in the planning, management and conservation of water and natural resources for more than 40 years working for such notable companies as Salt River Project, Santa Cruz Valley Water District, Imperial Irrigation District, International Environmental Solutions, Buckeye Irrigation Company, and the Arizona Department of Water Resources. I have held the positions of Chief Chemist, Hydrologist, Senior Water Resource Planning Analyst, Deputy Director, Director, Vice President and General Manager. For more than 10 years, I served as Manager of Statewide Water Resource Planning and Tribal Liaison for the Arizona Department of Water Resources. In that position, I was responsible for conducting, coordinating and assisting all cities, towns, counties and Indian Tribes in rural Arizona with the planning and completion of hydrologic studies to assist them in effectively and sustainably managing their water resources. I currently serve as the Natural Resource and Utilities Director for the City of Cottonwood where I am responsible for overseeing the operation and administration of the water and wastewater departments and for developing plans and solutions to ensure a sustainable supply of water is available to meet the future needs of the City while preserving the baseflow of the Verde River.