Farm-Friendly Urban Water Transfers

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Recognizing the myriad social, cultural, economic and environmental benefits of irrigated agriculture, the State of Colorado and local water leaders are working to promote an innovative form of water transfers — Alternative Transfer Methods (ATMs).

The structure, scale, and length of these voluntary agreements vary widely, but ATMs provide a reliable, drought resilient source of water to municipalities and help to support the long-term viability of irrigated farming in the region. The 2015 Colorado State Water Plan sets a goal to transfer 50,000 acre-feet of water under ATMs by 2030 — representing nearly 10% of the state’s total projected total supply gap by mid-century.

WaterNow Alliance supports ATMs and is working with its Colorado members and partners to educate leaders on how agreements can be structured, provide examples of successful case-studies, and examine how ATMs can benefit all parties, including cities, farms, and the environment.