Tapping into Federal Funding:

Leveraging State Revolving Funds for Innovative Water Infrastructure Investments
June 24, 202110:00 am PST
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As part of WaterNow’s ongoing Tap into Resilience series, this webinar will explore how local leaders can access State Revolving Fund to finance innovative water infrastructure investments. WaterNow’s Tap into Resilience initiative provides water leaders with tools, resources, data and information – as well as expertise and capacity – to support investments in affordable, climate resilient solutions meeting a broad range of water management challenges. This webinar will feature a key investment option— State Revolving Funds.

Since the inception of the Clean Water State Revolving Fund in 1987 and the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund in 1996, the programs together have provided more than $189 billion in low-interest financing for water quality and drinking water projects nationwide. With the country on the brink of making significant new investments in 21st century infrastructure, it crucial for local water managers advancing sustainable, climate resilient strategies in their communities to understand the ins and outs of these cornerstone water infrastructure funding programs.


  • Michael Deane, Chief, Clean Water State Revolving Fund, Environmental Protection Agency
  • Nick Chamberlain, Team Leader, Drinking Water State Revolving Fund, Environmental Protection Agency
  • Deirdre Finn, Executive Director, Council of Infrastructure Financing Authorities
  • Caroline Koch, Water Policy Director, WaterNow Alliance