2017 Annual Summit Resources

Catalyzing Action: 2017 Annual Summit Resources

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Session Presentations

State of Water in the Nation
Jim Gebhardt, EPA Water Finance Center
Erica Brown, Assn. Metropolitan Water Agencies

Additional Resources:
Assn. Metropolitan Water Agencies - Supplemental Reading Materials

Accelerating Solutions - Innovative H2O Financing
Ed Harrington, Former President, Government Finance Officers Assn.
Shadi Eskaf, UNC's Environmental Finance Center
Angela Bricmont, Denver Water
Ken Baird, Boulder Water Utilities Division

Additional Resources:
GASB - Debt Funding for Water Conservation Programs
The Liquid Assets Project
List of Environmental Finance Center Tools

Exploring Urban Water Market Mechanisms
Anne Castle, University of Colorado Boulder Law School
Phillip Chavez, Diamond A Farms

Additional Resources:
Environmental Defense Fund - Alternative Water Transfers in Colorado
Stanford Woods Institute - Shopping for Water

What Can Water Data do for You?
Patrick Atwater, California Data Collaborative
Shadi Eskaf, UNC's Environmental Finance Center
Mazdak Arabi, Urban Water Innovation Network, CSU

Water For All: Stories of Equity and Affordability
Mayor Lester Taylor, East Orange, NJ
Commissioner Heather Repenning, City of LA Board of Public Works
Michelle Gabrieloff-Parish, Environmental Center, CU Boulder

Additional Resources:
EPA Drinking Water Assistance Programs
How to Start a FLOWS Program at your University
OpEd East Orange's Water Utility NJM

Preparing for the "New Normal": Drought, Climate Change and Water Future
Mayor Suzanne Jones, City of Boulder
Joe Taddeucci, Boulder Water Utilities Division
David Yates, National Center for Atmospheric Research

Additional Resources:
Boulder Climate Commitment
Boulder Source Water Map
Boulder Waterworks History
City of Boulder - Resilience Strategy
Colorado Water Plan 2016

Keynote Address: Jim Ogsbury, Western Governors' Assn.

Recorded Sessions

Missed the summit? Not to worry! Thanks to the National Center for Atmospheric Research, you can watch recording of the presentations online. Click here for access. (Note: this will take you to a Google Drive folder with links to each presentation - having trouble? Email Tia at [email protected])